Managed Infrastructure Reduces Computer Headaches

We provide computer support in San Diego California. We focus on business uptime rather than band-aid solutions that push the can down the road. Partnering with us and using our managed infrastructure lets us have a detailed view of your IT infrastructure, switches, firewalls, routers, Wifi, workstations, servers and all other endpoints on your network. We can monitor them from our network operations center to detect problems before you notice and before they affect your business.

We are able to monitor and update your servers and workstations patches to ensure they are always up to date. Out of date software and firmware is a security vulnerability, Software and hardware manufacturers are continually improving and closing security holes. Running out of date software or firmware allows hackers to scan your network and find security holes. Usually hackers have their attack vector in mind before they choose a target. Closing security holes fast enables your business to avoid ever being a target from malicious actors. Running up to date software and firmware is a common prerequisite for most Security compliance protocols (PCI, HIPAA)

When choosing your hardware to run your business you can name your price but with out the knowledge and experience to select the correct hardware and software for your specific needs you can end up paying a lot of money and not getting the performance you envisioned. Some hardware is just more costly from a tech support perspective or has a higher cost of ownership even if the upfront costs are low. By partnering with us we can support your current hardware and also recommend new hardware that will reduce your overal costs of ownership.

Our team of experts has extensive experience and knowledge supporting

Computer Tech Support

  • Dell Servers and Workstations,
  • HP Servers and Workstations,
  • Supermicro Servers

Network Tech support

  • Cisco Networking
  • Ubiquiti Networking,
  • Dell Networking,
  • HPE Networking,
  • Fortinet Networking
  • Juniper Networking
  • Meraki Networking

When San Diego Businesses partner with us we can leverage our buying power through selling to multiple clients to provide discounts unavailable to smaller and mid size business. We pass our savings onto you rather than try to nickel and dime your IT Budget.

We find that most businesses lack full stack tool sets that adequately provide all of the services and supporting services needed.

Cloud Backup

We offer a cloud backup solution that encrypts data as it leaves your site to ensure data integrity and privacy. Our Cloud backup solution is able to store copies locally for a quicker recovery. You don’t want to hear that the backup will take days to download when your business needs to be back up and running yesterday.  Most importantly our backup solution has AI ransomware encryption detection. Which will stop ransomware from infecting your back up files.

Layered Security

We offer a full stack security solution that protects your network and infrastructure on multiple levels.  We offer Spam protection, phishing protection, and anti-virus on your emails. Our email protection stops attackers from utilizing your email to infiltrate your business. We offer advanced universal threat detection on the firewall to stop attackers from bypassing the firewall. Our antivirus solution installed on your workstations and servers stops Zero-day attacks and ransomware attacks such as WannaCry which have wreaked havoc, eluding virtually all AV/endpoint security and so called ‘next-gen’ solutions, Powered by machine learning algorithms perfected over more than 10 years. Our anti virus solution consistently ranks first in independent tests for protection, performance and usability.

Remote Monitoring and Management

From our Network Operations Center we are able to Monitor Windows Update Service and apply updates easily to ensure your endpoints are up-to-date and protected from vulnerabilities. We can quickly install and update 3rd party applications on devices with out knocking on your door.  We can Monitor devices for common issues with confidence and receive notifications in real-time when they occur. We will be able to know when a computer is acting up before it gives you a headache. Our auto remediation tool can fix common PC problems algorithmically.