When it comes to running your business you don’t want to get bogged down in the headaches caused by your computers. We depend on computers for everything in our daily lives and your business is no different. An arrant technology issue can bring your business to its knees.

Having experts on call that can quickly and effectively troubleshoot issues with Windows, Linux, Networking, or your phone system will keep the backbone of your business running strong. Allowing you to focus on what matters most, your business. In today’s world when your computers are down your business shuts down. Our staff of highly trained, local technicians will become subject matter experts for your specific business.

Unlike most traditional IT shops who are only around when there is a fire to put out. We focus on Business uptime by finding and fixing the root cause of common problems not providing band-aid fixes that you have to call in for time and time again.

When your company’s computers are giving you a headache you don’t want the ball to be fumbled around.  We will take ownership of the problem and reach out to third parties for you and handle the vendor relationship. This makes it easy on your business because there is only one number to call.  Many times support vendors will push the ball back into your court or blame another vendor. When we manage the vendor relationship and will work with all involved to find the solution you need on your behalf.  

Our professional computer technicians have an extensive background in PC repairs. We specialize in repairing both desktop computer systems and portable laptop computer systems. This means we can repair any PC, may it be a home desktop computer, business workstation, or gaming computer. Junxion Technology is vendor agnostic we work with Lenovo, Dell, Asus, HP, Acer, iBuyPower, Abs, LG, Gateway, CyberPower, IBM, Zotac, Cybertron, Toshiba, Syber, Samsung, and even Macs! We are experts with all things computer, so you don’t have to be. Our passion is to provide you with the best most affordable computer repair services in San Diego, simply because it’s what we love to do.

Computer Issues we commonly repair are:

  • Connectivity problems, you have trouble getting online.
  • Slow computer
  • Computer is overheating
  • Beach ball of Death, rainbow circle on Mac computer
  • Blue screen errors on computer
  • Beeping noises from computer
  • Popup ads on computers
  • Computer Viruses
  • Malware
  • Trojans
  • Frozen computer
  • Computer crashes
  • Computer Hardware Problems
  • Computer Software Repairs
  • Operating System Updates
  • Any computer repair

Virus detection and removal is an important part of a well functioning tech support and help desk.  Viruses can make system behave in unexpected ways. Virus detection is just as important as virus removal. Compromised computers can do more harm than just slow down your computer or corrupt valuable data. In today’s security landscape there are multiple vectors of malware, or any malicious program such as ransomware, trojans, syware, and adware. 

Ransomware is a new insidious type of malware that infects your computer and then encrypts your data. Holding your computer’s data hostage the hostile hackers ask for a ransom to provide a decryption key/software that releases your data after the ransom is paid using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin on the dark web. The best safeguard against ransomware once it  strikes is using our robust backup technology that detects ransomware encryption and stops it before it can harm your data.

Trojans and spyware go hand in hand to provide attackers a back door on to your computer where they can get system level access to your computer. This allows them to use the webcam to take pictures of you, record your keystrokes, and glean sensitive data like passwords, credit cards, and Social security numbers. Our AI based anti-virus technology can detect and stop trojan/spyware in their tracts before hackers can get access to your system.

Adware is a less insidious but still troublesome type of malware. Adware usually installs unexpectedly bundled with popular software. Adware is used to track your browsing habits and serve targeted ads to you. Adware can fill your system memory, slow your computer and make your computer more troublesome to use.  Our Anti-virus package includes anti-adware protection and other potentially unwanted software.

With our suite of security tools bundled with our extremely effective help desk you can rest assured that you are protected from this insidious software. 

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