Junxion Technology has IT Specialist standing by to tackle your difficult problems and provide a fanatical level of Business IT Support.  

  • Upfront & Transparent Pricing
  • Great Customer Service
  • Expert Knowledge
  • On-Site & Remote Support

Technical Support

Take advantage of an always on help desk. There when you need it to ensure business continuity.

Security & Compliance

Maintain security & compliance protocols to protect sensitive data.

Managed Infrastructure

Increase your Information Technology ROI with the right tools and products for your business.

Virtual CTO

Gain insight from expert consultation. Know the right path for your organization.

Choose the perfect plan

Allowing our Network Operation Center to monitor your infrastructure increases your security, data integrity and business continuity. 


$125/Hour Helpdesk

$125/Hour Projects


$125/Hour Projects


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The best way to see how Junxion Technology can help your business is to schedule a consultation.

The Right Solution for The Right Price

When investing in your IT there are countless ways you can spend your money. Not all solutions are created equal or work equally well for everyone. With our expertise and buying power we can direct your IT investment dollars into the right place to increase your return on investment.

Typical IT support companies operate on a break/fix model. They make money when tragedy strikes. This incentivizes quick fixes not long term solutions. By partnering with us and using our managed IT services we both profit from long term solutions and creating efficiencies to allow the same standard of service at a lower cost. We provide a pro-active help desk that keeps the focus on business uptime.

What are Managed IT Services?

Under a managed services agreement we take ownership of your IT and become your defacto IT department. With managed IT services you have all of the support you need but pay only a set price. This can help provide predictability in your IT budget.  You won’t be surprised with a double wammy: a critical system going down affecting business and a large IT bill to fix it.

How Managed IT Services Works for You

Manage IT Services is not new, but recently due in part to rapidly evolving technology, which can overwhelm many business owners, managed IT Services seen explosive growth. Businesses in San Diego, CA and across the country are demonstrating how things can be more efficient.  More can be accomplished in the less time and money

By hiring Junxion Technology to handle these services, companies are finding that major functions of their business are running more effecient.

  • Email Hosting
  • Storage
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Network Monitoring
  • Server Maintenance
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Network Security and more

Essentially, you start by hiring Junxion Technology, a well-respected managed IT services company which will start by improving your network, communication and IT efforts.

Businesses that already have an internal IT management program can greatly benefit from, adding the services of Junxion Technology. We specialize in synergizing with existing staff to reach a higher level a service cheaper than the cost of expanding internal staff.

Less Expensive

We find that higher an MSP is half the cost of staffing for the same level of service internally.


When it comes to IT consulting services in San Diego, you are hiring a professional firm that has years of experience and has built their reputation on providing high quality services. You will be working with local based professionals who will be come subject matter experts for your specific IT systems, phone systems, networks, and line of business software.

With Junxion Technology management services partnering with you, your business will be setup to scale. Our systems and processes will grow your infrastructure to meet demand. This means that more of your efforts can now be directed at what puts profits into your account. Proper managed IT services means that the efficiency of your company improves not only financially, but intellectually as it frees up the resources needed to expand your efforts in the direction that benefits your business.


One of the best reasons to partner with Junxion Technology is that we have the latest in security protection that will ensure your company is safe from malicious activity.

Our clients say

"strong work ethic, proactive attitude and in depth knowledge pertaining to the field make for an extremely valuable asset."
Joshua Ragheb
Eat Drink and Sleep
"No matter the problem they always have a solution"
Dustin Miller
Comfort Now
"Working relationship of 10 years and always has been honest and demonstrated high moral and ethical behavior."
Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson Insurance
IT Specialist


With over ten years of experience, Blake Miller is an Information Technology leader possessing expert knowledge of cloud, virtual, security, compliance, networking and programming.  He started Junxion Technologies LLC to help San Diego business owners and managers stabilize, secure, and safe guard their IT infrastructure.