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San Diego Plumbing/AC Contractor IT Support Case Study

We were recently able to partner with a San Diego plumbing and AC contractor revamp their business technology to increase business efficiency and stabilize the IT infrastructure. Allowing them to focus on his business instead of headaches caused by computer malfunctions.

During the on boarding discovery process we found some issues with his technology stack that was causing headaches for his business. Their computers were older than five years and was using old versions of Microsoft Office & Windows. There was no consistent backup strategy incase their important business data was compromised. There was no security policy to protect against computer Viruses, malware, or intruders.

Old IT Hardware & Software is Liability for healthy San Diego Business

To alleviate the San Diego business of computer headaches and security vulnerabilities that are imposed by utilizing old hardware & software in production we purchased and deployed new computers. We were able to leverage our buying power and selected great computers for under 500 dollars that were faster and more stable than their current hardware. Also, the old computers had windows 7 an outdate Operating System with many known unfixed security vulnerabilities.

As well as old hardware we upgraded their version of Office and moved them to the Microsoft 365. They were able to enjoy better email service with spam filtering as well as the newest office products for a low monthly cost instead of a large upfront fee to upgrade.

Multi-Layer Security Policy

In todays world security cannot be an after thought. Over 500 million dollars was paid out in 2021 for ransomware attacks. This threat to small business has only been increasing over the last year. The best defense against ransomware and other security threats to your business is a robust multi-layer security policy. Much like the many defenses a castle might deploy during a siege the idea is to have multiple traps to catch and identify threats before their injure your business. We installed a Next Generation Firewall that actively monitors the network and identifies suspicious behavior by any of the attached devices or data downloaded from the internet. Then we installed end point protection on all of the computers that uses AI to detect undiscovered Virus and Trojan programs. Lastly, our back up system can detect and stop encryption of files by Ransomware software / attackers.

3-2-1 Backup Strategy

Many San Diego Businesses have some type of back up strategy to protect their valuable business data. Often times it is inadequate to save the data in a disaster scenario. Often times backups are initiated by a trusted employee instead of automated. Often times the backup is to just an external hard drive or flash usb stick. Or even worse they are relying on cloud providers to store their data with no backup. To truly protect your data against disaster or malicious threats you need an automated 3-2-1 Back up strategy. You need to have three copies of your data and store 2 copies in different secure location. This will ensure that if one site is compromised an offsite location will still have important data. During the on boarding process we install a back up server to to store all data in a RAID configuration (which helps secure data against hard drive failure). Then we back up the server to our secure cloud storage location. We actually monitor the data as it is being back up for sign of ransomware encryption.

Great IT Support makes for a Great San Diego Business

During the on boarding process this San Diego plumbing contractor wanted a change in his IT because they were spending too much time dealing with computer headaches than on running their business. With our help the computer headaches went away and employees were empowered to be more productive.